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We've been the tick's protection specialist for years!

For years we have the webshop this webshop was born in 2011 from the demand of consumers and professionals where they can protect themselves against the disease of lyme / the Borrelia bacteria. Read more

Why protect yourself from the tick?

Draw its small spider-like parasites and almost invisible to the naked eye. They stay alive by feeding on blood at 'hosts', animals and humans. So far it is no problem, in the Netherlands an average of one in five ticks (20 percent) is infected with the Borrelia bacterium that can cause Lyme disease.

When do you discover a tick?

Often you only discover a tick after it has bitten into your skin and sucked blood. Therefore, check yourself thoroughly after you have been in grass, bushes or heath. It is wise to have yourself checked by your partner or someone else. After all, signs look for places that you can't see easily yourself. Think of the buttocks, armpits, knees, groin, etc.

When are signs active?

There are always signs! But become active from 7°C / 8°C between March and October

How do I protect myself from ticks?

We have in the range of Anti-Teek clothing from Rovince, when you wear the Ergoline pants in combination with the Socks Socks you are already for 80% the best protection against ticks! Of course the Blouse and the Fleece Jacket are also important but they catch ''only'' 20% of ticks (if you just walk, when you go ''wandering'' then you must be fully protected!