Pole Saws

Cutting high branches? / Cutting branches at height.

The solution is a hacksaw! A hacksaw is what the name says a saw on a stick / stem. But not just any shaft, this is a piece of durable aluminum. Even though the height is 7 meters, the stick is still sturdy to saw! Read more

We have 2 types of hacksaws, one manual and one motor-driven.

Silky Manual Saws

For proffesional use there can only be 1 brand the best and that is Silky this brand comes from Japan. Since 1919, Um Kogyo Inc in Japan has specialized in producing Stick saws , Folding saws & Gun saws Through years of experience, they have built a worldwide reputation for best hand saws for both the pruning and woodworking industries. The highest quality saws are always produced with the utmost care and newly developed to meet the needs of the consumer.

Husqvarna Engine Powered Stick Saws

Do you want to be even more efficient? And does speed & ergonomics play an important role? Take a look at the Husqvarna 2-Stroke Stick Saws or the Husqvarna Accu Stick Saws.