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More than 50 years in the service of nature
Ever since Fjällräven was founded, it has been our motivation to develop products that make it easier for people to enjoy nature. Read more

Fjällraven rain poncho div. couleurs
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Åke Nordin was only fourteen years old when he devised the backpack frame that would form the basis of the Fjällräven company. Åke was a scout and loved being outdoors. However, he was not satisfied with the backpacks of the time that hung against your lower back like uncomfortable bags. He had read in a magazine that the weight had to be high and close to your back in order to carry heavy loads. And when he wanted to go hiking in the mountains, he made a wooden backpack frame for which he sewed a baby carrier. Once in the mountains, his backpack aroused a lot of curiosity from other hikers and Åke received several orders.

The backpack frame became the beginning of the company Fjällräven that Åke Nordin founded ten years later in his hometown Örnsköldsvik.

Beloved classic
More than 50 years have passed since Fjällräven began its walk and Fjällräven equipment has been used and appreciated by several generations of outdoor people around the world. Over time, many products have become more or less classics, for example the Greenlan jacket from 1968, the Viddabroek from 1999, the backpack Kånken from 1978 and the Expedition Dun jacket designed in 1974. Many products have also received honourable awards for function and environmental awareness, such as the Keb Trousers and the Kajka backpack, to name but a few recent examples.

Inspiration from nature
Developments continue and we, employees of Fjällräven, still find inspiration for new products and solutions when we are in nature ourselves. And just as in 1960, when it all began, we want to design hard-wearing, timeless and functional outdoor equipment, act responsibly towards people, animals and nature, and inspire and sustain interest in the outdoors.

On Fjällräven's international website you can read more about the company, our company philosophy, history and our work for sustainability. The website is in English and can also be read in German and Swedish.