Primos wild camera

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Primos Hunting is a real hunting brand. They have been active in the market for many years and are mainly known for the imitation sounds of the game, but also lures, clothing, and other hunting related items. Primos also has game cameras in their assortment for a number of years. We have decided to include Primos game cameras of the type "Proof Cam" in our assortment, because they can serve a very specific target group. The Primos Proof Cam game cameras have been developed in such a way that they are super-easy to adjust (mostly with sliders and no complicated menu), and have no expensive but unnecessary specifications and extras, which many hobbyists or hunters do not need.
The game cameras of Primos are therefore extremely suitable for people who have little technical knowledge and/or interest, but who mainly want a game camera that is capable of quickly and easily visualising which animals (or people) occur in a certain area. The game cameras of this brand can be set up very quickly and easily and can take both photos and videos.