Gardena smart system

The smart way of gardening

GARDENA smart system - the professional care for your garden includes water solutions, lawn care and more in one system. Experience more comfort and freedom and maximum control over the care of your garden. Read more

The app in a nutshell: make your garden smarter

You can download the GARDENA smart app for iOS, Android and web for free. Intuitive use makes it possible to control the care of your garden with one touch on your screen. For the operation of the GARDENA smart system, the free app is necessary. To use this app, you must create an account.

Always know what's going on in your garden

It doesn't matter whether it's the robotic mower, garden lighting, sprinkler or soil moisture sensor - you have everything under control with the GARDENA smart App. Just one app for all aspects of garden maintenance that you might need.

Easy to install

Step by step, the app helps you install your own smart system. Easy-to-understand images and useful tips instead of complicated manuals - this garden technology is fun from the start.

It's never been easier to save water

Conventional systems water your plants according to a strict schedule, even if it is already raining. The smart sensor measures soil moisture. As a result, the plants only get water when they really need it.

Intelligent assistant

The smart system is perfectly adaptable to your garden. For optimal water solutions, the smart system takes into account important matters such as the type of soil in your garden, which plants are there and the specific locations in your account.

Smart collaborations for your garden

The GARDENA smart system is accessible to compatible devices from other manufacturers, which can be connected to the system via the app.
The GARDENA smart system works with IFTT. This cloud platform offers users infinite ways to connect their smart garden to other apps and devices.