Li-18 battery Gardening

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Gardena Li-Ion 18Volt Battery System

All your gardening machines s with one battery!

Gardena's wide range of highly efficient portable products is powered by our powerful Li-ion batteries, made for hobby use.
Quick to charge and even quicker to change, each Gardena battery is compatible with any Gardena Li-18 (18Volt) battery machine! Read more

Batterie gardena bli-18 2.6 ah
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Coupe-bordures à batterie gardena comfortcut solo
€ 105,52 € 111,07 incl. 20 % VAT

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Batterie tondeuse powermax li-18/32™ pas de batterie
€ 200,71 € 228,08 incl. 20 % VAT

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Ensemble de tondeuses à batterie gardena powermax 32/36v
€ 317,75 € 353,05 incl. 20 % VAT

Expected date of shipment 09-10-2023

So buy only 1 machine as a set with battery and charger, and buy the rest of the machine without it, this saves a lot of money.

The Garden Equipment is powered by a low-maintenance 18 Volt GARDENA System Battery.
The battery can be recharged at any time without memory effect.