Weed Puller

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The Fiskars weed tractor is a unique innovation that makes it possible to remove weeds, and in particular dandelions, quickly and environmentally friendly. The weed puller is easy and comfortable to use. With this tool you don't have to go through your knees to remove weeds. The stainless steel gripperparms penetrate deep into the soil, grab the root of the weeds all around and remove the roots from the soil. You no longer need any other means to remove the weeds. Pull on the comfortable handle to remove the weeds from the grab arms. Read more

Fiskars smartfit weed puller telesc.
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Fiskars xact arracheur de mauvaises herbes
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Fiskars light weed puller white
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Fiskars light avec sac popup gratuit 56 l
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Fiskars xact avec sac popup gratuit 56 l
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Fiskars smartfit + free popup bag 56 l
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Weed weeding used to be an outright disaster, both physically and mentally. That's why we've put our greatest geniuses to work designing weed tractors that allow you to achieve maximum results with minimal effort. The Light Weed Tractor is lightweight and easy to handle. For example, the Xact weedkiller has a unique ergonomic handle. The SmartFit weeder is equipped with a telescopic, adjustable handle and therefore easy to use for everyone. Add to that our lightweight Light weed tractor and you have everything you need for a weed-free summer, year after year.