Cookie Policy

What is a cookie?
Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a small text file which will be stored on your computer when you visit a website. A cookie contains information that can be sent to our server again on a subsequent visit.

Cookies provide convenience in a way that when you return to our website, you do not have to re-enter all the information that you have provided us with already. And in addition to this, they help us understand how you use our website and how we can make it better and more customer-friendly. We also use cookies for marketing purposes. We also use JavaScript, which we do so that your experience on our website is optimal.

Accept cookies
If you want to use our website completely without problems, you must accept our cookies.
Accepting is very easy, this can be done in two ways.

  1. The cookie report that you see closing during your first visit.
  2. Simply continue the use of our website, the notification will close automatically.

Delete or disable cookies
You can of course also disable our cookies and JavaScript.
Keep in mind that our website will not work optimally.
How to disable or delete cookies is explained here for the most used browsers:

If you use a different browser, please consult with that specific service. 


Third party cookies
Also third-party cookies are placed on our website. The privacy and cookie policy of the relevant company applies to these so-mentioned 'third party cookies'.


Which cookies do we use?

  • Functional cookies or necessary cookies
    Functional cookies ensure that our website functions correctly. Consider, for example, functionalities such as shopping cart and payment.
  • Analytical cookies
    with analytical cookies we collect statistics about the use of our website. These statistics give us insight into how often we are visited and where we can improve our web store. In this way we can ensure that the experience with our website is constantly optimized. Among other things, the following data is stored:
    • The IP address (anonymous);
    • Technical characteristics such as the browser you use, the resolution of the screen and which device you use;
    • From which page you came to our website;
    • When and how long and how often you visit or use the website;
    • Whether you use the functionalities of our website. For example, filling a shopping cart, placing an order or viewing previous purchases.
    • Which pages you visit on our website.


Social media cookies from third parties
Social media cookies are cookies that enable the functionality of social media websites.
Think of a YouTube video with a product, location display in Google Maps or a 'like' button for Facebook.

How do social media cookies from third parties work?
The cookies are placed by the social media websites themselves. The social media party can recognize you by your IP address when you want to share a page of our website. For the cookies that the social media parties place and the data that they collect with this, we refer to the statements that these parties give on their own websites about this. We recommend that you regularly consult the following privacy and cookie statements:


Web store recommendations, preferences and interest cookies
We combine your online surfing, search and buying behavior to show you relevant offers and recommendations, tailored to your preferences.