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Fiskars Pruningiraffes

Pruning trees and shrubs can be strenuous, especially if you have to work above your head or close to the ground. To make it easier for you, Fiskars pruningiraffes have been developed. With these multifunctional tools you can reach the tops of trees or dense shrubs without having a ladder, or low to the ground without bending down or going through your knees. Read more

Fiskars cueilleur de fruits pour élaguer la girafe
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Fiskars élagage télescopique girafe upx86
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Fiskars upx86 high pruner incl. saw
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Scie adaptatrice fiskars pour upx86 & upx82
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Modèles de couteaux fiskars à ressort et à verrouillage
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Easier from top to bottom

If you have ever tried to prune treetops, pick fruit or remove dead branches that a hacksaw can't get through, you know how difficult that is. Fortunately, our universal garden shears and accessories can work wonders. These tools with telescopic handle and other accessories are a godsend for gardeners who like to stay with both feet on the ground. Thanks to the adjustable lightweight and at the same time powerful mechanism of the head, you can now prune trees quickly, easily and safely and get rid of dead branches.

PowerGear™ X Pruningiraffes

The new PowerGear X™ Pruningiraffes from Fiskars are specially designed for more cutting power at high - and less high - heights. The telescopic version even reaches a height of up to 6 metres. Cutting at this height requires precision and power. The PowerGear X™ Pruningiraffes feature an orange blade for more visibility and a cutting angle that can be adjusted up to 230°. The cutting mechanism makes cutting up to 12 times easier than with standard tools. So you can cut branches at height quickly and accurately.